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Streamlined Forestry Fieldwork on Display in YouTube Video

Penn College forest technology majors are among a select group of students nationwide employing a new data-collection application from Forest Metrix. The software, used in conjunction with an iPad, is featured in a video on the college’s YouTube Channel. “It records all the data you need it to. It will record the diameter of the tree, how big it is and how tall it is,” explains Alyssa A. Peters, of Lock Haven. “It will record the regeneration on the ground. Anything you need to know, you can put it in there and it will remember it. Plug it in, print it out.” In addition to enhancing their education, notes Alexa L. Labesky, of Warren, it improves their career prospects. “I feel like it puts me one step ahead of other students who are studying forestry,” she says.

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