‘Wrap’ Artists Prepare to Sheathe Plane in College Attire

A behemoth on the tarmac, the plane seems even more enormous when partially pulled into the spacious Lumley Aviation Center hangar.

Collision repair instructor Roy H. Klinger (left) and aviation instructor Michael R. Robison begin the laborious process of painting over the plane's prior corporate identity.

A retired Boeing 727 donated to Penn College in March 2012 will soon wear the logo of its owner, courtesy of an effort than spans several of the institution’s academic schools. The former FedEx Express plane made its last flight more than two years ago, when it was delivered to the Lumley Aviation Center for a new life among the college’s instructional fleet. That new life includes a new coat, which was designed by Kyle R. Taylor for an illustration class taught by Brian A. Flynn, assistant professor of graphic design. (A 2013 graphic design graduate, Taylor is now employed by Schoolwires Inc. in State College.) Moving the plane was quite an exercise, involving faculty/staff from the School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies and the School of Industrial, Computing & Engineering Technologies. Welders from the latter school fabricated an adapter for a hitch on the light-duty diesel lab’s GMC 3500 truck, which pushed and pulled the 727 from the west pad to the hangar. Transportation faculty/staff recently began washing, sanding and painting the tail section, the first steps toward wrapping the plane in a collegiate cocoon of vinyl. Kevin P. Sullivan, lab coordinator for programs in the School of Sciences, Humanities & Visual Communications, is overseeing students’ output of the various pieces that will cover the aircraft.

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