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WPTC’s License Transferred to Local Nonprofit

The Federal Communications Commission has approved transfer of the broadcast license for WPTC-FM, the radio station of Pennsylvania College of Technology, to a local nonprofit organization.

“We are sad to see the end of WPTC as a college radio station,” said Paul L. Starkey, vice president for academic affairs/provost. “The station was instrumental as a laboratory for the mass media communications program that ended recently, thus concluding the instructional mission of WPTC.”

Todd Bartley has established the Williamsport Lycoming Broadcast Foundation to own and operate the station, which will remain in Williamsport with studios on Market Street.

Bartley said the foundation is deeply appreciative of WPTC’s heritage; his intention is to maintain a similar format, with a focus on jazz programming. He welcomes those who have volunteered with programming at WPTC to continue in that capacity.

“The opportunity to maintain the legacy of WPTC-FM 88.1 and its place in the community is humbling for me and is very special since my father, Roger Bartley, was instrumental in establishing the college radio station – WRMU-FM, Alliance, Ohio – when he was in school in the late ’60s,” Bartley said.

Starkey said Penn College is pleased that the service mission of the radio station will continue with the transfer of the license to the Williamsport Lycoming Broadcast Foundation.

“We are very grateful for the many volunteers who have made WPTC a special part of Penn College,” he said. “Special thanks go to faculty member Brad Nason for his many years of instruction in the mass media program and in managing WPTC. We are indebted for his loyalty to WPTC and to Penn College. He remains with the college, teaching primarily in the Communication and Literature Department. In addition, Jill Wollet has served for several months as radio station manager and has been integral in the transition of the station from its instructional role through the transfer of the license.”

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