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Workshop Helps Educators Chart Gas Industry’s ‘Career Pathways’

Diane Bubb, of the Pennsylvania CareerLink office in Williamsport, talks about job-opening trends in the Marcellus Shale industry Amy P. Toole, assistant professor of chemistry at Penn College, talks about a new elective science course that will teach chemistry and geology concepts that relate to the Marcellus Shale and natural gas K-12 educators attended the Outreach for K-12 Office’s “Career Pathways in Marcellus Shale” at Penn College on Monday to learn about job opportunities that might be in their students’ futures. The event featured talks by Bud Rutherford, an industrial technology consultant for Workforce Development & Continuing Education at the college; Diane Bubb of the local Pennsylvania CareerLink Office; Mary A. Sullivan, dean of natural resources management; and Amy P. Toole, assistant professor of chemistry, followed by a tour of Penn College majors that relate to natural gas careers and a tour of companies serving the natural gas industry.

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