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WNEP visits Penn College clinic for Tuesday newscasts

Newswatch 16’s Chris Keating visited Penn College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic on Tuesday for a story about the services the clinic provides to more than 2,000 members of the community each year while giving future registered dental hygienists critical hands-on education. He interviewed Shawn A. Kiser, director of dental hygiene, along with students Erin K. Gohn, of Spring Grove, and Lauren Groody, of Lititz. The segment premiered at 5 p.m. and aired during several of the ABC affiliate’s subsequent news broadcasts.

Student Erin K. Gohn talks with WNEP's Chris Keating in Penn College's Dental Hygiene Clinic.
Student Erin K. Gohn talks with WNEP’s Chris Keating in Penn College’s Dental Hygiene Clinic.
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