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Who will lead the workforce of tomorrow? 2018-19 Impact Report

Read the 2018-19 Impact Report
Read the 2018-19 Impact Report

In 2018, a record number of employers indicated that finding qualified employees is the single most important issue affecting their companies. Addressing skills gaps is in Penn College’s DNA. “The workforce needs Penn College,” says President Davie Jane Gilmour. “And we deliver.” Learn how Penn College and its partners are preparing tomorrow’s workforce leaders – and fostering economic growth and innovation – in the 2018-19 Impact Report.


Ed Thompson,

The world will always need someone with the knowledge to be able to use their hands as well as their brains to not only manufacture everything everybody needs, but to keep everything running smoothly after it’s sold. Just like the field of medical care, there is always going to be a need for trained professionals and, from everything I have read lately about Penn College, this school is doing great things to provide an awesome education on some very interesting subjects I would never have imagined. I would tell anyone thinking about going on to get a degree in something after high school to take the time to find out what all is available here, before committing to another place and maybe coming out with less than a desirable major without the opportunities available to have a great career. I think they will be very surprised by finding something that they are interested in and understand how it could be a great choice for them.

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