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Well-timed colloquium speaker visits on eve of armistice’s centenary

Mere days before the 100th anniversary of World War I’s end, a visiting associate professor of European history at Notre Dame transcended the numbers normally used in assessing casualties … talking instead of the emotional upshot and psychological toll that lend deeper understanding to the staggering loss. Through a collaboration between Penn College and the Notre Dame Club of Greater Williamsport, John Deak presented “The Limits of Modern Warfare: Stalemate, Technology, and the Isonzo Front in the First World War” as part of the college’s Technology & Society Colloquia Series. Sharing his research into an area about which most Americans know little – the dozen battles between the Austro-Hungarian and Italian armies near the Isonzo River – the speaker illustrated for his rapt Klump Academic Center listeners how technology factors into the seemingly eternal desire to subdue one’s enemies. A full-length video of the presentation can be found on the college’s YouTube channel:

– Photos by Cindy Davis Meixel, writer/photo editor


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