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Weekly Green Tip Celebrates Composting Awareness

This week celebrates Composting Awareness, acknowledged by Earth911 and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. What better way to think spring, green and gardening! Anyone can compost the natural process of decomposition, sped up by deliberately concentrating a place in the environment to transform materials (such as grass clippings, vegetable scraps, newspaper, coffee grounds, eggshells and more)into new material known as “humus,” which can be incorporated back into the soil. With a home, food, water, air and a bit of tender loving care, the soil bacteria can do the real work and change waste into more than a soil booster: landfill reduction. Earth911 has a short “How to Make Compost” video on its website. Check it out and get started with both green and brown additives. Garden lasagna or garden soup await you! From the Penn College Energy Conservation Subcommittee

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