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Weekend ‘Spring Training’ Event Helps Prepare ROTC Cadets

The Bison Battalion gathers in the woods for battlefield preparedness Weathering the elements with teamwork Classroom instruction supplements outdoor manueversThe Bison Battalion (the Bucknell University-based ROTC program comprising Bucknell, Bloomsburg and Susquehanna universities, Penn College and Lycoming College) recently completed a two-day field training exercise, the purpose of which was to prepare cadets for their careers as Army officers. Junior and sophomore cadets participated in squad and platoon battlefield scenarios, while freshman cadets conducted preparatory land-navigation training and instructional classes. Organizers said the cadets faced the elements, especially the weekend’s rain and cold, by maintaining high morale and adhering to the Army values that every soldier keeps close to his heart. The Bison Battalion prides itself on its ability to provide high-quality training to cadets to prepare them for successful careers in the Army, they said, while maintaining a positive atmosphere with highly motivated instructors that reflects on cadets. “We are helping to prepare cadets to step into the shoes of great army officers, and lead our troops well,” said Cadet Mast, the event’s officer in charge.
Photos by Cadet Jason Kneller, public affairs officer

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