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Wait-List Option Added to Web Scheduling

A newly developed wait-list system, announced byPennsylvania College of Technology’s Registrar’s Office,allows students to indicate an interest in a class that has reached its scheduled capacity. As seats become available for a class, the wait-list system automatically will fill those seats with students who have placed themselves on the wait list and who meet the eligibility requirements for that class.

Not all classes will have a wait-list option. The academic school offices determine what courses/sections will be eligible to have a wait list. Wait-list courses are identified on the Registrar’s Web site. The message “Class is eligible for Wait List requests” will be displayed under the course/section if the course has been identified as a wait-list course.

How It Works When a student attempts to add a class that is full and has a wait-list option, a wait-list link will display, allowing the student to request a place on the wait list for that class. The student can select to be on the wait list for one specific section or for multiple sections of a class. If a student selects multiple wait-list sections, he or she can indicate the order in which the multiple sections should be considered by using the priority column in the Wait List Manager on the Student Information System. If a student is placed into one of those multiple sections, his or her name will be removed from the other wait-list sections of that class.

Once a day, the system will check for wait-listed classes that have seats available. If a seat becomes available in a wait-listed class, the system attempts to place a student from the wait list into that seat on a first-in, first-out basis. The first student on the wait list who meets the eligibility requirements of the course will be placed into the class.

Students selected to fill empty seats are notified of their schedule adjustments through their Penn College e-mail accounts. They also can monitor the status of their wait list request through the SIS‘ Wait List Manager. If a wait-list request has been processed, the “Comment” column within the Wait List Manager will indicate the request was approved and list the class that was added to the student’s schedule (example: Request approved ZZZ111-01 was scheduled).

To learn more about the Wait List Manager and review frequently asked questions about the wait list, students are encouraged to visit online .

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