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Virus Protection, Voice-Mail Maintenance Among ITS Reminders for March

Dates to Remember Information Technology Services issues its reminders for March.AS/400 DowntimeRoutine maintenance: March 5, from 7-9:30 a.m.

Housekeeping Reminders E-Mail ScanningPart of Information Technology Services’ virus-protection strategy includes scanning incoming e-mail for certain types of file attachments. Those file types are completely blocked from entering the employee e-mail system (GroupWise) and are scanned for viruses before entering the student e-mail system (NetMail). For a complete list of blocked file types, see our Fight Against Viruses Web page .

Employee Computer Re-ImagingTo ensure that Help Desk staffis available to help as many employees as possible per day,ITS follows a “limited troubleshooting” rule. In most cases, if staff is unable to resolve a computer problem within a reasonable amount of time, it will re-image the computer.

“Re-imaging” means that ITS replaces the contents of the hard drive with a fresh installation of operating system and application software. When a computer is re-imaged, all data files (e.g., documents, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, etc.) stored on the computer will be lost. For this reason, ITS highly recommends that you store your files on your H: drive rather than on your computer’s C: drive.

Voice Mailboxes Students living in on-campus housing and employees with office phones are asked to listen to and then delete voice messages. When people allow their mailboxes to become full, the system becomes bogged down, and some users experience problems receiving voice mail messages.

Previous months’ reminders are archived here.

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