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Village/Campus View Women ‘Powder Puff’ Victors

The winning team gathers for a group photo The Village/Campus View team set the tone early on its way to beating College West/Rose Street, 14-0, in Sunday’s Powder Puff Football game. The Village/Campus View team was led by two touchdowns from Melissa Berrier, one by her arm and the other from her legs. Berrier sneaked in her first touchdown early in the first quarter and Alyssa Giedroc added the extra point to make the score 7-0. That score remained until Berrier connected on a pass with Katie Novak in the end zone to make the score 13-0. Giedroc once again added the extra point and made the score 14-0. College West/Rose Street hung in the game and had a few key drives, but stalled, giving the momentum back to The Village/Campus View squad. The teams now must prepare to battle the off-campus team at 7 p.m. Sunday, April 20, on the soccer field. Jeremy R. Bottorf, the intramural/Fitness Center assistant who provided the game summary, thanks everyone who helped: Shane Fuller and Josh Liples for running the chains; Craig Flint, Ryan Scott and Greg Solyak for refereeing; and Josh Bengel for running the clock. ( Photo by Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural/Fitness Centerassistant)

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