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Video spotlights industrious grad-turned-entrepreneur

David A. Smith, a 2014 graduate of Penn College’s automated manufacturing technology major and owner-operator of Motive Machine Works LLC in Lancaster, is the subject of a 14-minute YouTube video uploaded by Practical Machinist for its expansive online community. After working several years for others, Smith said he determined that he wanted to start his own business with a focus on rapid prototyping and quick turnaround for computer numerical control machine products. “I saw a need to improve some of the processes that were done around the industry – a need that I could personally make better – so I ended up leaving my job and went completely ‘full steam ahead’ on the business and acquiring customers.” Four years later, he has one full-time employee, three CNC machines and plans to expand into adjoining space. Check out Smith’s walk-through of the facility, among the latest to be showcased in the “Machine Shop Tour” series.

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