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Video Features Australian TV Crew’s Visit to College Gallery

The Channel Nine team moves dolly tracks onto the gallery floor to facilitate fluid camera movement Richard Moran captures comments from graphic design major Megan R. Pennington, joined by other soon-to-be-showcased artists Ian S. Lane and Garrett C. Bingaman (right) Under the eye of the camera, students and James F. Finkler, annual giving officer (right) survey artwork Denis Peterson, right, shares his perspective with Denham Hitchcock A videofeaturing a news crew’s April 20 visit to The Gallery at Penn College has been posted online . Los Angeles-based reporter Denham Hitchcock and videographer Richard Moran, on assignment for Australia’s Channel Nine, interviewed artist Denis Peterson and visitors to his exhibit of hyperrealistic “Paintings” on the third floor of Madigan Library. The pair learned of Peterson’s work from the online version of The Daily Mail, and, once they had a sufficient package of assignments to warrant travel to the East Coast, arranged the stop in Williamsport. Their visit coincided with the final day of Peterson’s well-received display, which was followed by works from graphic design majors at the college (a few of whom got some on-camera time after dropping off their artwork in the gallery that day).

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