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Video explores proven apprenticeship pathways for women

With more than 2 million manufacturing jobs projected to go unfilled by 2030 and women making up just 29% of the field’s workforce, it’s undeniable: There’s untapped potential in the world of manufacturing – especially for women. A new YouTube video lets employers and job-seekers alike discover the advantages of these game-changing apprenticeship programs and gives women a huge step toward higher-level positions in the nation’s fast-paced, technologically advanced manufacturing sector. “I don’t think a lot of women understand what manufacturing is,” says Shannon Bower, quality manager at First Quality Products. “I think they see it as that stereotypical laborer getting dirty working with their hands. But new manufacturing is definitely not that.” The 5½-minute video – produced, photographed and edited by Penn College’s Tom Speicher – premiered at Tuesday’s 2022 Penn College Apprenticeship Summit.


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