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Variety of Humanities Electives Available to Students

Penn College’s Communication and Literature faculty teach not only general education courses, but also a variety of courses that qualify as humanities electives. In the Fall 2008 semester, students are urged to explore a wide range of human experience through the study of literature including Mark Noe’s World Literature ( ENL 231 ), Debra Morris’s Detective Fiction ( ENL 221 ), David Sims’ Graphic Novel ( ENL 257 ), John Poritsky’s Children’s Fiction ( ENL 299B ), and Charles Kemnitz’s Scientific Literature: Historical and Social Contexts ( HUM 301 ). Offered for the first time will be a course in Survival Literature ( ENL 299 ) taught by James Stafford, and those interested in creative writing may consider another new course: Fiction Writing taught by Eugene McAvoy and Wendy Cunningham ( ENL 299A ). For further information, contact the course instructors.

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