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USA Today STEM insert features faculty perspective

Alicia McNettThe insights of a Penn College faculty member are included in a 16-page “Women in STEM” supplement inserted in 250,000 copies of Friday’s USA Today being distributed in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, northcentral Florida and Houston. Alicia McNett, assistant professor of computer information technology, is one of four industry success stories recruited for a panel Q&A (on Page 12) titled “We Ask the Experts How Women Can Break Into STEM.” The publication also includes a front-page ad (topped by a cover photo of Melinda Gates, who is profiled inside) directing readers to a webpage focused on the college’s passionate pioneers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math: Women in STEM supplement


Ed Thompson,

Awesome! The world needs everyone who understands what STEM stands for — and are capable of doing what is needed to make this world better for everyone. The old tradition of a “man’s” work is being replaced with women who have had a hard road trying to make it happen in places where they were made to feel less than capable, even when they rose to the challenge given them. My mother is a Rosie — Rosie the Riveter from World War II — working in Detroit making wing flaps and Army tank engine parts in the factories where automobiles were made before the war started. Great achievements were made possible in no small part due to so many women who rose to the challenge and showed the way for future women in America. It goes on, and those people who try to say negative things about anyone’s abilities due to their gender are the losers. Great article. Keep it going.

Joe Nededog,

Way to go, Alicia! So much talent in this field has yet to be uncovered; and for those not sure, to be discovered. Your contribution to this endeavor is commendable. I wish you all the best in your quest!

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