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Upperclass Squad Claims Victory in Inaugural Homecoming Game

Thursday’s inaugural Homecoming Flag Football Game, a matchup between a freshman/sophomore team and its junior/senior counterpart, predictably offered ample excitement for players and spectators alike. Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural assistant, provided this game summary (and the accompanying photos):

“The freshmen and sophomores started out with the ball, but the juniors and seniors forced a ‘three and out.’ The freshmen/sophomore defense held its own until the juniors/seniors came out with a little trickery on fourth down. Kyle Klunk handed the ball off to Jason Hirtzel, who lateraled back to Klunk, who then fired a bullet downfield to Wyatt Decker to make the score 7-0.

“Angel Stroud recorded a huge sack on Paul McGinn of the freshmen/sophomores to put them deeper in their end of the field, only for the juniors/seniors to be stopped on a fourth-down goal-line stand by the freshman/sophomore team. The juniors/seniors sacked McGinn again in the end zone to make the score 9-0 with less than a minute left in the first half.

“Not ready to call it quits, the juniors/seniors scored once more ‘on a prayer.’ As the clock was winding down, Klunk launched a ‘Hail, Mary’ that bounced off Ben Vincent’s hands and landed in Brandon DeHass’s as he lay on the ground. The momentum going into the second half definitely was on the junior/senior side, but the freshmen/sophomores were not ready to lay down.

“A quarterback switch is just what the underclassmen needed, as Ricky Lesher opened up the offense and erased the zero from the scoreboard. Lesher ran the option and kept the junior/senior team on its toes, soon connecting with Alex Shenk to cut the lead to 16-7. The upperclassmen knew an on-side kick was coming and, just as the ball was kicked, Vincent picked it up off a perfect bounce and raced to the end zone untouched, stopping any sort of comeback and holding on to win 23-7.

“A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who participated and to Corey Flynn, Greg Solyak and Donnie Stevenson for refereeing; Dylan Lackey and Matthew Strayer for working the chains; and Jeff Faherty for running the clock.” Friday night will feature the first-ever “Powder Puff Football” game between the freshmen/sophomore and junior/senior teams, beginning at 7 p.m. and followed by fireworks.

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