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‘Trade Show’ Showcases Students’ Baking, Marketing Skills

Fred Becker, dean of hospitality, samples a Chocolate Irish Cream Mousse Cup created by Alexandra L. Eckholm, Mill Hall Kacy L. Charlesworth, Mar Lin, markets a colorful display of Mammoth Macarons Amanda Kelcie Angstadt, Middleburg, presents Almond Cherry Cheesecake Bites A Tea and Coffee Dessert Tray, served by Tiana J. Soles-Ahner, State College, tempts Sarah S. Moore, sign language interpreter/student support assistantA semester-long project by students in Chef Monica J. Lanczak’s Advanced Patisserie Operations class culminated Friday morning in a baking and pastry “trade show” in the Hager Lifelong Education Center. For months, the students have had to specify equipment needed by their fictitious business, as well as pricing and packaging; to write job descriptions, orientation and training plans, and performance evaluations; and to demonstrate interviewing skills. Samples of the students’ products, along with flyers and business cards, also were available.
Photos by Whitnie-rae Mays, student photographer

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