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Topics Added to WDCE’s Menu of Business/Management Courses

A series of business and management offerings, including four new classes, has been announced for the coming weeks by Workforce Development & Continuing Education at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The classes will be held in the college’s Klump Academic Center, except “Managing Multiple Priorities,” which will meet in the Center for Business & Workforce Development.

The classes, dates and costs are:

Embracing a Climate of Motivation and Engagement (new)
9 a.m.-noon Tuesday, April 19; $170
This course covers the basic concepts of workplace motivation, engagement and empowerment and why they are of benefit. The focus will be on individuals’ contribution to creating a motivational climate, and how to establish and communicate high standards and positive expectations.

Enhancing Workplace Relationships (new)
9 a.m.-noon Tuesday, May 3; $170
This course focuses on examining and improving the quality of workplace relationships. An assessment of interpersonal style provides a framework for developing, understanding and building skills in working effectively with others. The course also provides guidelines for overcoming common difficulties in building high-quality work relationships.

Managing Multiple Priorities
9 a.m.-noon Tuesday, May 10; $170

This course provides a framework and learning activities to increase awareness of the importance of using time effectively and insight into participants’ time-use patterns and habits. Guidelines provide direction for maintaining focus on priorities, reducing time-wasters, and developing a goal-based approach to managing time and multiple priorities.

Conflict Resolution
9 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday, May 19; $379

This course is intended for leaders, managers and supervisors who oversee personnel and operations where conflict is likely. The course aims to improve the knowledge and skills needed to successfully resolve conflicts around a wide range of situations. Critical aspects include: The Nature of Conflict Resolution; Conflict Resolution Phases I and II; and Conflict Resolution Phases III and IV. The course uses lecture, discussion and exercises to help improve effectiveness in managing conflict resolution.

Interviewing and Selection Techniques (new)
9 a.m.-noon Wednesday, June 15; $195

It is critical to hire the right person. The consequences of an inappropriate hiring can negatively affect productivity and lower morale, and may have an adverse impact on the leadership team and outcomes of the organization. This course will expand the skills and knowledge relevant to professional practice with regard to selecting new employees and, more specifically, planning and conducting effective interviews. Guidelines and skill-building practice will help identify selection criteria, develop behavioral interview questions, structure an interview plan, use follow-up and probing questions, record interview results, and ensure a fair and legally sound selection process.

The Legal Aspects of Business for Supervisors (new)
1-4 p.m. Wednesday, June 15; $195
Laws and policies are created to protect both people and organizations. The prevention of costly lawsuits is paramount in today’s litigious business environment. This course serves as an introduction to the business aspects of the law with regard to supervisors. It includes concepts, exercises and activities that involve examining the supervisor’s role and awareness of laws, policies, competencies and practices associated with success in supervision. By learning critical legal guidelines, participants can better understand the law and keep informed on issues and situations that can affect them and their organizations.

Call 570-327-4775 for more information or visit WDCE (click on “Courses”) to register or view a complete listing of courses, descriptions and dates.

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