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‘Timber Fest’ Marked by Individual Effort, Teamwork

Old Man Winter may have waited ’til spring to unleash one more surprise for the season, but Saturday’s snowfall did not deter the Timber Fest at the Schneebeli Earth Science Center. Despite the poor weather conditions, attendance was good and the competition was keen.

A squad of Pennsylvania College of Technology students finished fourth overall and placed in 14 categories at the festival’s Mid-Atlantic Intercollegiate Spring Woodsmen’s Meet.

Penn College and five other institutions with associate-degree forestry programs competed in 20 events, with the following team results:

First place – Haywood Community College
Second place – Penn State Mont Alto
Third place – Dabney S. Lancaster Community College
Fourth place – Penn College
Fifth place – Allegany College of Maryland
Sixth place – Montgomery Community College

“As usual, the team banded together under the leadership of its captain, Taylor Moyer, and club President Harley Heichel. They worked well together and displayed a team character of support, good sportsmanship and hard work,” said Andrew Bartholomay, assistant professor of forestry. “I am so proud of how they competed and how they comported themselves on the field.”

Penn College scored first-place wins in Archery (Markus P. Weber), Water Boil (Paul M. George and Noah L. English), and Women’s Crosscut (Harley R. Heichel and MaeKayla L. Brown).

English and Daniel J. Little finished second in the Men’s Bolt Split Relay.

Third-place finishes for Penn College were recorded in Men’s Arboriculture Rope Skills and Men’s Pole Climb (Matthew R. Bartholomew), and Women’s Pole Climb (Heichel).

The college placed fourth in Dendrology (Matthew J. Waters); Archery (Chelsea E. Douglass); Team Log Roll (Taylor C. Moyer, English, Little and Kristin E. Cavanaugh); Orienteering (Moyer); Women’s Arboriculture Rope Skills (Heichel); and Pulpwood Toss (English, Cavanaugh, Moyer, George, Anthony A. Hampton and Little).

The mid-Atlantic meet was just one of the competitions held during the wintry Timber Fest at the Allenwood-area campus. James C. Synol, of Bloomingdale, New Jersey, was the college’s representative in the Stihl Collegiate Timbersports Regional Qualifier.

The Penn College Woodsmen’s Team will next compete in October at the 21st annual Intercollegiate John Palmer Woodsmen’s Meet at the Cradle of Forestry near Asheville, North Carolina.

Anyone interested in joining the team, regardless of major or experience, is welcome to contact Bartholomay for details. This year’s team comprises students from three of the college’s academic schools and represent majors of forest technology, landscape/horticulture technology, heavy construction equipment technology, manufacturing engineering technology, building automation technology and pre-dental hygiene.

– Photos by Zachery T. Kane, student photographer

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