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Thank you, General Services!

In conjunction with World Facilities Management Day, the Pennsylvania College of Technology community celebrates the General Services employees who work so tirelessly (often while others sleep) to make the campus environment – instructional areas, offices and public spaces – safe and comfortable.

PCToday invited comment from appreciative co-workers, some of whom are represented below, and writer/photo editor Cindy Davis Meixel embraced her mission to spotlight some of the 24/7 work done on behalf of students, employees and visitors to the college’s scattered campuses.

Theirs is just a sampling of the gratitude felt for the entire department: carpenters, custodians, electricians, horticulturists, HVAC technicians, managers, motorpool maintenance staff, painters, plumbers, sign engravers and other specialists, and administrators.

Fulfilling an integral overnight task – tending to specialty laboratories so they're ready for learning each morning – third-shift custodian Gina A. Matrey cleans a sink in the dental hygiene lab.
Fulfilling an integral overnight task – tending to specialty laboratories so they’re ready for learning each morning – third-shift custodian Gina A. Matrey cleans a sink in the dental hygiene lab.

“Just want to give a shoutout to Tom McFadden, Jason Bogle and Joe Worth for their efforts with helping to get the dental hygiene clinic into compliance for treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. It seemed that our guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health changed on a daily basis. Jason did his best to tolerate my numerous questions about air flow and ventilation in the clinic. Tom did an awesome job hanging all the Plexiglas panels and curtains that helped provide an extra layer of safety for our faculty, staff, students and patients.  Joe did a great job assisting with logistical information and social-distancing guidelines to allow the dental hygiene clinic to operate in our ‘new normal.’

“Prior to the start of the Fall 2020 semester, Greg Weaver and Craig Howard completed a specialized certification training program to repair the A-dec dental units in the clinic. Throughout the entire year, they were quick to respond to the numerous dental chair repairs! They are always very pleasant and professional! (I am sure I missed a few names along the way, but truly appreciate all of the ongoing support!)

– Shawn A. Kiser
director of dental hygiene, School of Nursing & Health Sciences

“General Services provides excellent service in the library, no small feat in a building that is open 20 hours a day at high-use times of the semester. The GS staff’s attention to the spaces is exceptional, from the smallest details like keeping the plants looking gorgeous to shining the marble floors every day. We are able to welcome visitors into the library with pride and confidence because of the services provided by GS.”

– Tracey Amey
Madigan Library director

“From our maintenance to custodial to grounds – always willing to partner with us, support our initiatives and be convinced to make my ridiculous ideas come to life.”

– Allison Bressler Grove
director of student engagement

“The General Services staff are beyond exceptional.  They immediately tend to our ongoing work-order submissions, always come with a positive attitude, are friendly and engage in a little chit-chat, and are proactive with requests; knowing a “wish” of ours – but we didn’t want to ask –  but they know and do. They always come through for us. We are so appreciative of their attentiveness, dedication and positive attitude during these challenging times. Thank you to the entire General Services staff and specifically for those that support our office and the Campus Center: Wendy, Barry, Tom L., Tom M., Tammy (and whomever else)!”

– Gayle M. Kielwein
coordinator of student engagement operations

“I truly appreciate the work of our General Services staff every day. They are friendly, accommodating, and an essential part of our campus community. We couldn’t accomplish what we do without them!”

– Shannon L. Skaluba
student organization specialist

“As someone who has managed multiple kitchens on campus for multiple departments over different shifts, General Services has seen my name on a lot of work orders over the years. Whether it was with Dining Services or in my current role at Le Jeune Chef, we use our equipment hard, so it needs a lot of upkeep. From ovens, to fryers, to steamers, to HVAC systems, our GS crew has to handle it all.  Every single GS employee I have interacted with over the years has been prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable about a litany of different things. When equipment breaks down, most restaurant managers are forced to try and fix things themselves or pay outrageous maintenance prices to outside businesses. All I have to do is put in a work order and soon enough my problems are solved or well on their way to being solved.

“In addition to the General Services equipment maintenance staff, the custodial workers are a huge help for our department. If we have a major spill that requires specialized cleaning, they are always quick to respond and are super helpful. And don’t forget about the third-shift custodians; with all of the extra cleaning and sanitizing that needs done around campus, they have all had to put in extra time to ensure that our areas are safe. All college employees, especially those of us working in kitchens on campus, are very fortunate to have General Services on our side. We simply could not function without our GS employees. Thank you to everyone in the department that helps us do our jobs every single day.”

– Christopher R. Grove
executive chef at Le Jeune Chef restaurant

“I would like to thank Anne and Danny, night-shift GS, for all their hard work cleaning the Keystone Dining Room.  Everything looks great in the morning to start our day, thanks to them.”

– Carol E. Hall
recently retired assistant manager, Dining Services

And from various other Dining Services personnel:

“Thank you to GS for all their hard work and making PCT always look clean and well-cared-for.”

“General Services employees are always kind, professional and willing to help in any situation.  I have had instances where I forgot my keys or needed access to an office, and they were there within minutes to help me.  I see them across campus maintaining and continuously beautifying our campus for visitors, students and faculty.”

“I would like to thank GS for their hard work in keeping the college grounds looking so nice and inviting.  Thank you, GS, for also keeping our buildings clean and always being there to help out in any situation.”

“Chad and Jeff from Motorpool are great when it comes to assistance with our delivery vans. They respond quickly to our needs and find us a replacement vehicle if needed.”

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