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Textbook Chapters Authored by Associate Professor of Aviation

An associate professor of aviation at Pennsylvania College of Technology has contributed to an avionics textbook.

Thomas D. Inman wrote two of the seven chapters for the Avotek Information Resources-published “Avionics: Instruments and Auxiliary Systems”: Chapter 3, covering Air Traffic Surveillance and Warning, and Chapter 4, focused on Weather and Terrain Awareness Avoidance.

Thomas D. Inman
Thomas D. Inman

It is anticipated that the textbook will be adopted by several colleges and other schools teaching avionics. The work prepares students to earn upcoming National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies endorsements to the Aircraft Electronics Technician certification.

NCATT is part of ASTM International, known for setting a variety of industry standards, including those applicable to the aviation field. Penn College, one of 24 schools accredited by NCATT to provide avionics education, participated in the formation of NCATT and the AET under a grant from the National Science Foundation.

As part of the publishing contract, Inman received a number of copies of the textbooks. He donated 20 to the college’s Madigan Library and had them placed on the reserve list, relieving aviation students of the financial obligation of making purchases.

He holds a master’s degree in instructional technology from Bloomsburg University, a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from Western Michigan University and an associate degree in avionics from Ferris State University. With numerous professional affiliations and certifications, Inman is a regular contributor to industry publications.

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