Ten More Complete ShaleNET Roustabout Training

Ten young men in the latest natural gas roustabout class successfully completed training this month through ShaleNET’s Eastern Hub at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

“The group was composed of college students who completed our short-term training to gain industry credentials as well as practical experience,” said Diane H. Bubb, a career counselor with Workforce Development & Continuing Education at Penn College. “The training was scheduled to allow the students to enroll following the completion of their spring semesters. We are very proud of those who completed this class.”

Celebrating their completion of short-term roustabout training are (from left) Weston A. Bushyeager, Coleman R. Wolfe, Nur Hafid Mohadi, Zachary D. Nowicki, Garrett P. Zola, Brendan M. Carothers, Brad S. Fuller, Keith P. Bates, Matthew Diaz and George A. Rippel.

Members of the June 6 graduating class were Keith P. Bates, Honesdale; Weston A. Bushyeager, Montoursville; Brendan M. Carothers, Farmington, Connecticut; Matthew Diaz, Riverside, California; Brad S. Fuller, Williamsport; Nur Hafid Mohadi, Malaysia; Zachary D. Nowicki, Erwinna; George A. Rippel, York; Coleman R. Wolfe, Hughesville; and Garrett P. Zola, Bethel Park.

All 10 students received tuition assistance from Chevron’s Appalachia Partnership Initiative and three also qualified for Lycoming County Act 13 Scholarships that are funded by impact fees.

During the 15-day Ready-to-Work Field Service Worker and Roustabout Training – a mix of classroom and hands-on learning that features a drilling-rig simulator – students gain familiarity with topics ranging from defensive driving and fall protection to wellpad construction and confined-space rescue. Certification in a number of areas is also included.

Industry experts, college faculty and public-safety officials are among the instructors for the training, and students have the opportunity to network with employees from a number of major players in the natural gas field.

Among the feedback from participants:

For more about the award-winning partnership, visit ShaleNET.

For information about Penn College, a national leader in applied technology education and workforce development, email the Admissions Office or call toll-free 800-367-9222.

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