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Team Loses 33.5 Pounds to Win Fitness Center Challenge

The three-man team of Dallas Shuman, Uriah Pierce and Mike Kershner was the grand-prize winner in the Fitness Center Challenge, losing a total of 33.5 pounds of fat over the course of the contest.

Each team member receives a refund of his Fitness Center semester membership (an $80 value).

The contest started Feb. 14, with each of the 15 three-member teams undergoing weigh-ins and bodyfat analysis every two weeks through May 2. Additionally, all challengers received weekly health and fitness tips via e-mail from Kristi Hammaker, Fitness Center director, to keep them educated and motivated in their fat-loss endeavours.

  • Shuman, a radiography student from Watsontown, started at 168 pounds and 14.8-percent bodyfat (25pounds fat) . . . and ended at 164 pounds and 10.6 percent (17.5 pounds fat) − a loss of 7.5 pounds
  • Kershner, a radiography major from Jersey Shore, began at 220 pounds and 24.1-percent bodyfat (53 pounds fat) . . . and finished at 212 pounds and 20.4 percent (43 pounds fat) − 10 pounds lost
  • Pierce of State College, enrolled in the applied health sciences-medical radiography major, started at 201.5 pounds and 21.8-percent bodyfat (44 pounds fat) . . . and ended at 181 pounds and 15.3 percent(28 pounds fat) − a loss of 16 pounds

Thanks to all challengers for participating; a “bigger and better” contest is planned for next semester.

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