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‘Surgical Technologist Week’ Honors Integral Part of OR Team

Students' library display honors surgical technologists.
Students’ library display honors surgical technologists.
Gathering in celebration
Gathering in celebration

The surgical technology program in Penn College’s School of Health Sciences celebrated National Surgical Technologist Week – Sept. 16-21 – by setting up an educational display on the ground floor of the Madigan Library and sharing a celebratory lunch. Surgical technologists are vital members of the surgical team. They help to enhance surgical safety, prevent surgical site infections and achieve successful outcomes. Surgical technologists use their expertise to prepare the operating room. During procedures, the surgical technologist stands next to the surgeon and the patient, helping the surgeon with equipment throughout the surgery, expediting surgical procedures by swiftly passing and skillfully using appropriate surgical instruments, and monitoring surgical instruments and supplies to ensure no foreign objects are retained. Surgical technologists are specifically trained and responsible for maintaining the integrity of the sterile field.

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