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Summer Orientation Program Set to Begin

President Davie Jane Gilmour gets a preview of the Connections team's planned program for incoming studentsPenn College’s summerlong Connections orientation program drew closer to its opening session Thursday morning, as staff gathered in the Victorian House to get acquainted. College President Davie Jane Gilmour joined co-workers in a breakfast meetingwith student representatives, known as “Links” for the relationships they will forge between the college and its newest enrollees and their families. Among those attending the get-together were David Kay, vice president for college services; Carolyn R. Strickland, assistant vice president for academic services; Elliott Strickland, interim chief student affairs officer; and Erin M. Datteri, assistant director of student activities for Greek life and leadership. The first Connections session will be June 22-23; additional orientation opportunities are scheduled through mid-July.

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