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Subcommittee Suggests Easy Ways to Cut Daily Energy Use

Penn College’s Energy Conservation Subcommittee, via earth911, this week asks, “How Much Do Your Green Habits Really Save?” Here are five starters: With water and electricity being two of the most-used energy resources, look at water usage in the bathroom, where 75 percent of our daily water is consumed. Turning off the tap while tooth-brushing twice a day can save 8 gallons (or 240 gallons per month). By shortening your shower time, you could save 5 gallons for every minute (10-25 gallons are consumed every five minutes). If you are reheating or thawing a small amount of food, you’ll use 50 percent less energy by putting it in the microwave, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates. If you air-dry your clothes for only six months, you can cut 700 pounds of carbon-dioxide emissions. And by simply switching to compact fluorescent lights, you can eliminate 300 pounds of carbon emissions every year. CFLs use only 32 watts of electricity, one third of their incandescent counterparts. Every little bit every day does count!

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