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Study Abroad’s First Math Class Has Fantastic Time in Guatemala

Back row, from left: Mathew D. Johnson, Ryan J. McDonald and Christopher Powell. Middle row, from left: Wayne P. Roush, Laurie K. Kiss, Matthew R. Druckenmiller and Matthew C. Cox. Front row, from left: Jason R. Paris, Curt E. Vander Vere, Dawn M. Bletz and D. Robert Cooley. From left: Jason R. Paris, Matthew R. Druckenmiller, Wayne P. Roush, Laurie K. Kiss, Curt E. Vander Vere, Matthew C. Cox, Ryan J. McDonald, Dawn M. Bletz, Mathew D. Johnson and D. Robert Cooley Eight students and two Penn College faculty members Curt E. Vander Vere, assistant professor of mathematics, and D. Robert Cooley, assistant professor of anthropology and environmental science, along with Maya Exploration Center instructor Christopher Powell, studied Maya mathematics and culture in Flores, Tikal, Seibal, Yaxha and Lake Peten Itza, Guatemala, from Dec. 28-Jan. 4.
Photos provided by Cooley

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