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Study Abroad Travelers Share Mayan Experiences

Flanked by D. Robert Cooley, assistant professor of anthropology/environmental science, left, and Curt E. Vander Vere, assistant professor of mathematics, right, are the student presenters, from left: Caitlin J. Banks, of Dauphin, applied human services; Lacee Hess, Ulysses, pre-applied health studies-occupational therapy; Brian J. Borror, Dover, computer aided product design; Patrick B. Ranft, Ringwood, N.J., residential construction technology and management: building construction technology concentration; and Mark J. Stabley, Williamsport, building science and sustainable design: architectural technology concentration Interested spectators fill the CC TV Lounge to hear Ranft's illuminating talk on the Mayan and the Solar Zenith Cooley's salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips were a spicy addition to the gathering Stabley shows how the Mayans used rope to orient their architectural structures With authenticity, credibility and visual aids, Vander Vere explains why the world will NOT end on Dec. 21Students in MTH 156 (Mathematics in Non-European Cultures) presented their study abroad projects in the Bush Campus Center TV Lounge this past week. The group traveled to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and studied the Mayan civilization. The Penn College community is welcome to sign up for next year’s overland adventure through the rain forests and lowlands of the Mayan world.

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