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Students Show Off ‘L.E.G.S.’ at Physics Conference

Students Scott A. Seroskie and Carl F. Gravely with Joseph E. LeBlanc, instructor of physics The L.E.G.S. robotPenn College students Carl F. Gravely and Scott A. Seroskie were among college and university students from central Pennsylvania who presented work at a poster session Friday in the Advanced Technology and Health Sciences Center. The student poster session was part of the annual spring meeting of the Central Pennsylvania Section of The American Association of Physics Teachers, hosted on Penn College’s campus Friday and Saturday. Gravely and Seroskie presented “L.E.G.S.,” or “Linear Electronic Group Spider.” The robotic spider was created by a group of students as a required class project, and has been programmed for movement, music and lights, and has a motion-detection system built by electrical occupations and electromechanical maintenance technology students to “search, find and attack” its prey. The conference was coordinated by David S. Richards, associate professor of physics at Penn College. ( Photos by Phillip C. Warner, student writer/photographer)

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