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Students’ Safety Affirmed; Caution, Personal Responsibility Urged

The safety of students and the security of the campus are top priorities at Pennsylvania College of Technology. Penn College Police are on duty across the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Officers are armed and certified, with full powers of arrest.

Student-victim crime rates are low when compared to the general population. Crime statistics and alerts are available online.

Penn College Police also work closely with local and state police to help provide law enforcement and security in the community.

The City of Williamsport is ranked 20th in the listing of America’s safest metropolitanareas. But, like many cities around the country, Williamsport has experienced fatal shootings and other criminal acts that are believed to be related to gang and drug activity.

Students should be conscious of safety and security issues at all times. While there are few reports of criminal activities on campus, everyone should be alert for suspicious persons and potentially dangerous situations both on and off campus.

Police urge students to:

  • lock their residences at all times
  • park in and walk on well-lighted areas at night
  • walk with another person
  • call Penn College Police for an escort to any destination on campus or in the immediate vicinity (within 500 yards of campus), if needed

The college administrationstrongly believes our campus and the surrounding neighborhoods are safe. However, all students need to exercise caution late at night and when selecting individuals with whom they associate. It is important that students not take part in, or make themselves accessible to, any illegal activities. Personal responsibility is very important.

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