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Students Provide Service to Northumberland County Prison

Members of the Penn College student organization Collegiate Association for County Correctional Education donated textbooks to the Northumberland County Prison. From left are Moshe Betancourt, vice president%3B Anthony McGinley, treasurer%3B Roy Johnson, Northumberland County Prison warden%3B Brandon Close, president%3B and organization members Ammie Zarzyczny and Katina Lewis.Student members of Pennsylvania College of Technology’s Collegiate Association for County Correctional Education completed a library-enhancement project at the Northumberland County Prison.

The CACCE members worked to collect, organize and redistribute a variety of new, high-quality textbooks that were donated by the faculty, staff and students of Penn College.

When dropping off the donation, the CACCE members were given a tour of the facility by Roy Johnson, warden of the Northumberland County Prison. During the tour, Johnson explained the facility’s major functions and operations. He also taught students about the prison’s history and architecture.

The Penn College CACCE is the first student organization in the nation with a mission of enhancing educational opportunities for those incarcerated in county facilities. The CACCE advocates for correctional education because of the link between educational gains, better employment and community health.

“Research from state correctional institutions shows that correctional education leads to fewer repeat offenses, but it is rare for county jails to be given money by the state to provide programs for the incarcerated,” said Jeremiah C. Gee, a researcher of correctional education and doctoral student at The Pennsylvania State University who formerly worked at Penn College and advised the CACCE. “So it’s up to each of us to take on a community mind-set and do what we can to help our fellow citizens leave jail with more education.”

The Penn College CACCE has been featured twice in American Jails magazine, has garnered support from corrections officials and administrators, and was recently appointed as a postsecondary special-interest group of the national Correctional Education Association.

For more information on becoming involved with the CACCE or the CEA, contact Brandon J. Close, of Williamsport, CACCE president and a student majoring in business administration: marketing concentration. E-mail him or call 570-320-2400, ext 7951.

For information about Penn College, visit online , e-mail or call toll-free 800-367-9222.

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