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Students Play ‘Weighting’ Game En Route to Engineering Superiority

John T. Weaver II, a civil engineering technology major from Williamsport, tests his structure Instructor Drew R. Potts, with students in his Strength of Materials class Testing, testing ... Paul A. Boehret, a welding and fabrication engineering technology student from Wapwallopen, adds weight Among the contestants was Robert J. Lamb, of Lansing, N.Y., majoring in welding and fabrication engineering technologyStudents in instructor Drew R. Potts’ Strength of Materials class turned manila folders and craft glue into 19-inch bridge spans that were tested to failure in College Avenue Labs on Thursday. “The students have to write a report demonstrating the use of statics and strengths of material,” said Potts, a member of Penn College’s civil engineering faculty. “The concepts in this course are challenging; this project gives the students an opportunity to be creative and have some fun.”

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