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Students, Parents Compete in ‘Sports Spectacular’

The Intramural Department held a “Sports Spectacular”for Parent and Family Weekend, featuring Punt, Pass and Kick and Three-Point Shootout competitions.

Punt, Pass and Kick Results 1. Lance and Jeff Abel, 581 feet 2. Tyler and Milt Rushow, 529 feet 3. David and Matt Baroch, 490 feet 4. Joe and John Bytof, 414 feet 5. Joseph and Barbara Diaz, 396 feet 6. Blake and Bert Waybright, 373 feet 7. Andrew and Karl Kraft, 366 feet

Three-Point Shootout Results 1. John and Stephanie Pettie, 12 baskets 2. Blake and Bert Waybright,nine baskets 3. Tyler and Milt Rushow,eight baskets 4. Joe and Jon Bytof,four baskets 5. David and Matt Baroch,four baskets 6. Maureen and Charley Hogan,two baskets 7. Joe and Barbara Diaz, one basket 8. Charlie and Mary Helen Hogan,no baskets

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