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Students Organize ‘Community Carnival’ at Campbell Street Center

A youngster tries to outmuscle Darren S. Kanagy (left) and Brandt D. Hey RAs Amanda A. Allanah and Eric J. Palanko join in the fun Aiming for a bucket Taylor R. Lapointe plays a game with neighborhood children It's Play-Doh playtime for Residence Life coordinator Christopher H. Lemasters (background) and RAs Ashley G. Maietta and Brandon S. Haney Penn College Resident Assistants and the Multicultural Society put together a Community Carnival for children at the Campbell Street Community Center this week. Student leaders staffed a number of booths, including a duck game, prize walk, grand-prize bucket game, pin the tail on the donkey, basketball shoot, bingo, rope climb and bowling. Children also participated in making puppets, coloring fall pictures, sculpting with modeling clay and face-painting. “This was a great way to serve the community and make a difference in the lives of children,” Ashley A. Smith Nicholas, coordinator of residence life, said of Tuesday’s event.Photos by Matthew C. Helf, coordinator of residence life

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