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Students’ human services fieldwork includes equine exercise

Students brainstorm in a unique outdoor classroom ...
Students brainstorm in a unique outdoor classroom …
... and join their problem-solving lab partners at photo time.
… and join their problem-solving lab partners at photo time.
An involved instructor shares the sunlight with a new colleague.
An involved instructor shares the sunlight with a new colleague.

Human services students traveled to High Flight Farm, along Route 973 in Cogan Station, on Tuesday to experience the benefits of equine therapy. Applied human services major Corianne A. Wilson, of Edgewater, Maryland, led a group session that included having students identify a life struggle. Instructor Sarah S. Moore said the students, charged with having their horse perform certain tasks, applied what they needed to do – hard work, change of plans, lots of effort, groupthink, etc. – to overcome their identified challenge. The students are enrolled in Serving and Surviving Human Services (HSJ 275), in which they must develop personal plans of action for surviving in the field as ethical, self-caring practitioners.
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John Chappo,

Awesome programming with some of the world’s greatest of animals! Thanks for sharing and for all who are involved as this is a great way to help save more of the equine athletes too once their racing days are done while concomitantly helping us all overcome and exorcise the hobgoblins of our minds. Way too cool and thanks for sharing here!

Sue Kelley,

A wonderful experience for our students (and faculty). Kudos!

Jeanne Kerschner,

One of the greatest forms of therapy. Great job.

Tom Zimmerman,

What a winning activity! A great way to uncover the capacity to connect and learn how to share “interpersonal” space. Thank you for the article!

Corianne A Wilson,

I really enjoyed this opportunity to share a bit of this incredible experiential therapy with my instructor and peers. If anyone is interested in this work or a facility dedicated to sharing the same passion, feel free to reach out to me by email. Thank you for the article!

Karen Fischer,

Great job, Cori! What a wonderful thing for the other students to participate in.

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