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Students Enlist ‘Expert’ Help to Beautify Local YMCA

Josiah J. Leisher, Titusville, is surrounded by helping hands Andrew S. McDonald, Muncy, surveys his pool of talent YMCA work detail pauses for a group photograph Eric J. Hunsinger, Danville (left); and Nathan T. Williams smilingly supervise a young member of their crew Students from Penn College’s School of Natural Resources Management recently got some help from acknowledged authorities when it comes to digging in the dirt: a group of boys and girls from the Williamsport YMCA child-care facility. The 2-year-olds joined “Y” staff and the students on Thursday in a project at the local agency, a practical follow-up to their instruction in the landscape/nursery operations class taught by Carl J. Bower (who provided these photos to PCToday).

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