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Students Encouraged to ‘Look Beyond the Mirror’

Student Stacey L. Feinberg with 'Barbie' at the Keystone Dining Room Self-Appreciation Station provides outlet for healthy introspection Student (and Healthy Wildcat) Stephanie L. Weidman has a Capitol Eatery dinner date with 'Ken'“Look Beyond the Mirror” week, which annually raises awareness about body image and eating disorders, culminated in two health fairs outside the Keystone Dining Room (lunch) and the Capitol Eatery (dinner) on Wednesday. Students were encouraged to look beyond physical appearance when considering what makes them (and others) “beautiful” or “special.” The fairs featured life-sized Barbie and Ken figures specially created by Deb Peters, Park Williams and Larry Kauffman in College Information and Community Relations depicting idealized impossibility. The observance also offered several interactive stations, including The Scale of Fortune, The Defining Beauty Board, The Self-Appreciation Station and The Body Image Influence Board. Members of Healthy Wildcats and the planning committee (including Kristi Hammaker, Katie Mackey, Peters, Jacklyn Leitzel, Mary Lee Kelly, Noelle Bloom and Stephanie Weidman) were at the stations to guide passersby through each entertaining, educational and thought-provoking exercise.
Photos by Kristi L. Hammaker, health and fitness specialist

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