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Student Photography on Exhibit in Bookmarks

A portrait by Nick Biddle Malika Rice's study in architecture Food photography by Tracy Bower Katie Kochenderfer portraiture An exhibition of student photography is on display in Bookmarks in the Madigan Library. The photographs are part of student work completed for the Commercial Photography course (PHO230) taught by Gary R. DiPalma, instructor of graphic design, in the Spring 2007 semester. Photographs were taken in four basic subject areas: fashion/portrait, food, product and architecture. The students learned to use a variety of camera formats, including 4 by 5 large-format, medium-format and digital SLR cameras; electronic flash studio lighting; digitizing conventional camera negatives, and printing using digital ink-jet technology. Featured students are Nick Biddle and Malika Rice, Class of 2007; and Tracy Bower and Katie Kochenderfer, Class of 2008. The exhibition runs through the end of October. Questions about the exhibition or the Commercial Photography course can be directed to the instructor.

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