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Student Photography Exhibited in Bookmarks

Cafe displays student photography Student photographs offer artistic backdrop to library oasis An exhibition of student photographs is on display in Bookmarks in the Madigan Library, part of the work completed for the Spring 2008 Commercial Photography course (PHO230) taught by Gary R. DiPalma, assistant professor of graphic design. The photographs were taken in four basic subject areas: fashion/portrait, food, product and architecture. The students learned to use a variety of camera formats, including 4×5 large format, medium format and digital single lens reflex cameras; electronic flash studio lighting, digitizing conventional camera negatives and printing using digital inkjet technology. The photographers are Kathleen L. Fitzgerald, State College; Bradley J. Hawkins, Mill Creek; Robert C. Leopold, Indiana; Clayton B. Morrow, Loysville; Jamie Slater, Butler; Sara N. Smith, Port Matilda; Daniel A. Stouffer, State College; and Matthew Weiser, Herndon. Hawkins and Slater are graphic design majors scheduled to earn their degrees next year; the others graduated in May. For more information about the course, please contact DiPalma . ( Photos by Kenneth L. Barto, student photographer )

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