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Student Operators Demonstrate Heavy Equipment for Engineering Class

Cross-curricular cooperation at heavy-equipment training site ESC students demonstrate equipment for civil engineering majors Heavy construction equipment: operator emphasis majors from Budd L. Greevy’s Heavy Equipment Operations class recently put on a demonstration for civil engineering technology students in Robert P. Gresko’s site-preparation course. (Greevy, who provided the photos, is an instructor of diesel equipment technology in Penn College’s School of Natural Resources Management; Gresko is an instructor of construction technology in the School of Construction and Design Technologies.) The operations students members of the Service and Operation of Heavy Equipment Association explained the different genres of heavy construction equipment and the tasks they perform on a job site, as well as some application and efficiency factors for each type of machine. They also did demonstrations to explain why some trends have changed in recent years. One such example is the use of a hydraulic excavator, which has replaced the track loader for loading trucks and digging foundations.

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