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Student Kayakers Enjoy Picture-Perfect Day on River

Resident Assistants Lee D. Michels and Melanie A. Roof converse shortly after getting their kayaks in the water Students navigate the Susquehanna River as they learn to maneuver their boats The group huddles amid the area's scenic natural beauty, having a good time with their instructors from Country Ski and Sport RA Lee D. Michels (second from left) and student Courtney M. Norder (far right) have a great time paddling with friends Justin G. Jacobeen and Melissa R. VanNorman Student Ambassador and Resident Assistant Anthony R. Grubbs hangs out on the river as the group receives instruction About 40 students took part in two sun-kissed kayaking sessions sponsored by the Student Activities Office on Saturday. For just $10 each, participants got equipment and instruction from Country Ski and Sport, and a lunch prepared by Dining Services. Students entered Loyalsock Creek at Mill Street in Montoursville and paddled to the Susquehanna River; sessions were held at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.Photos by Jeffrey T. Shaw, an information technology: network specialist concentration major from Hatboro

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