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Student Development Assistants team up with alumni to honor faculty

Recognizing the impact that faculty have had on their Pennsylvania College of Technology experience and that of their peers, Student Development Assistants expressed their gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8).

Handwritten notecards, emails, social media posts, videos and a blog were shared while Penn College students were completing coursework remotely.

... bridging the distance with a warm personal touch.
… bridging the distance with a warm personal touch.
During Teacher Appreciation Week, students put pen to notecards ...
During Teacher Appreciation Week, students put pen to notecards …

Senior Student Development Assistant Sydney J. Brown, of Leesport, honored two of her favorites: Jacob R. Miller and Sandra Gorka, associate professors of computer science.

“They go above and beyond as advisers to the ISA (Information Security Assurance) Club to expose students to security topics and issues that professionals face in the real world,” said Brown, earning a degree in information assurance and cyber security.

Students shared their appreciation for faculty via videos.SDAs took their give thanks efforts a step further by encouraging their peers and alumni to “paw to forward” with their own expressions of thanks.

Graduates added their comments via the Alumni Relations page on Facebook.

“Kevin Derr and Karen DiSalvo!” wrote Stormie Mauck, a 2016 alumna in legal assistant: paralegal studies. “Without their encouragement and enthusiasm for the law, I never would have gone to law school. They’ve made such a profound impact on my life, and I can never thank them enough!”

“As students soon return to lab, internships and begin their careers, they will implement the lessons learned from this dedicated group of professors into the workplace,” said Lead SDA Zachary J. Kravitz, a construction management major from Berwyn. “The bar was already set pretty high but since the move to online classes, we have seen our professors go the extra mile when it comes to serving us as the student body. From that hot sunny day of Aug. 19 to today, we want to say, ‘Thank you.'”

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