Student, Alumni Honored for Achievements in Jujitsu

From left are student Alexander J. Hilton, promoted to green belt; Dr. William B. Urosevich, former coach of the Wildcat Power Team; current coach Emmanuel A. Balaguer, promoted to second-degree black belt; and alumnus Logan T. Goddard, the year's outstanding jujitsu athlete and instructor.

Emmanuel A. Balaguer, head coach of the Wildcat Power Team for the past three years – and a 2004 and 2007 graduate of Penn College’s School of Construction & Design Technologies – was promoted to second-degree black belt in jujitsu at the Field House on Wednesday night. The presentation was made by Dr. William B. Urosevich, retired professor of biology (anatomy and physiology), former coach of the Wildcat Power Team and a fifth-degree black belt in jujitsu. Alexander J. Hilton, a junior majoring in building automation technology, was promoted to green belt for demonstrating a mastery of basic and intermediate jujitsu techniques, as well as a thorough understanding of the philosophy of jujitsu. Logan T. Goddard, a 2012 Penn College graduate in applied health studies, received an award as outstanding jujitsu athlete and instructor of the year.
Photo by Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural assistant

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Congratulations, gentlemen. Well done!

Posted by Bruce Wehler at December 13, 2013 at 8:17 am

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