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Stihl Finds ESC ‘Outstanding’ Site for Dealer Training

Ben Crago trains Stihl dealer representatives in the ESC Industry Room Ben Crago, a certified STIHL trainer, used the ESC Industry Room from Feb. 20-22 to conduct training courses for local dealer representatives in exchange forinstructing the college’s forestry and ornamental horticulture students on equipment safety and maintenance. Such training truly benefits Penn College students and, most likely, will reduce the risk of injuries. Crago said the turnout was excellent (24 dealer reps over the three-day period) and the facility “outstanding.” He also said that Stihl an international company largely known in the United States for its chain saws has needed a centralized dealer-training location for many years. ( Photo by Misty Kennard-Mayer, coordinator of matriculation and retention, School of Natural Resources Management)

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