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State Cabinet Secretary Returns to Main Campus

Secretary James P. Creedon learns about the senior-project area of the Center for Business & Workforce Development from President Davie Jane Gilmour Attending a weatherization meeting at the BWD James P. Creedon, secretary of the state Department of General Services, paid a return visit to Penn College’s main campus Tuesday. Led by Davie Jane Gilmour, college president, and William J. Martin, senior vice president, and accompanied by Beverly A. Hudson, his chief of staff, Creedon briefly surveyed the Stage X building program including the Parkes Automotive Technology Center and met with Larry L. Michael, executive director of workforce and economic development, and John E. Manz, interim director of the Pennsylvania Housing Resource Center. The secretary was among the dignitaries who attended the September 2006 dedication of the college’s Madigan Library.

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