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Staff/Faculty Wins Intramural Volleyball Outing Against Students

Games, giveaways greet Intramural Picnic attendees Students gear up for volleyball competition Staff/faculty team, en route to victory Will this be the lucky one?During an intramural picnic at Tuesday’s “Hot Dog You’re Here” event, the staff/faculty volleyball team once again claimed victory at the students’ expense. The employees took the match, two games to none. As students discovered how much fun the game was, the staff/faculty team soon was playing against as many as 18 students, who rotated after each serve. “Dan Warner kept his cool and kept his teammates calm under all the pressure of this match,” said Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural assistant, who also provided the photos above. “This match was extra important to Warner after losing in the spring to the students to snap his three-game winning streak.” While the game was taking place, students were busy at the intramural table playing Plinko and a new intramural game, Toilet Paper Toss. “A big ‘Thank you’ to Residence Life for working with the Intramural Department during ‘Hot Dog You’re Here!'” added Bottorf, who reminds students that there is only little more than a week to register flag football and sand volleyball teams at the Field House.

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