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Staff/Faculty Team Perseveres in Volleyball Match Against Students

Bambi Hawkins and Gallahad Mallery team up at the net Students, staff/faculty do battle on the court Jim Cunningham in action Staff/faculty team ultimately prevails in volleyball matchup against students Congratulations to the staff/faculty intramural volleyball team, which won 3-1 in the best-of-five series against a team of students Wednesday night. The staff/faculty team won the first two games (26-24 and 25-23), then in what some thought might be the turning point of the night the student team won the third game in impressive fashion (25-8). But the staff/faculty team held it together and won the fourth game (25-21) to win the first-ever volleyball matchup against students. “There was a lot of fun and exciting volleyball played last night,” said Lisa J. Worth, athletic assistant. “The staff/faculty team just made fewer mistakes.” Members of the staff/faculty team: Dan Warner, Kim Bolig, Bambi Hawkins, Gallahad Mallery, Bryan Waltz, Jim Cunningham, Elliott Strickland, Andy Gutkowski and Kevin Mix. The student team was made up of Michelle and Mia McNett, Tony Flint, Dave Ritchey, Kris Sampsell, Tom Holeva and Brian Brown. ( Photos by Ashlin R. Hollinger, part-time student photographer )

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