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SPE, College Host Conference on Campus

Charlie Martin, chair of the SPE Extrusion Division's board of directors, offers opening remarks. A Penn College student, right, answers questions about production of plastic bottles in the college's blow-molding lab. A student feeds long strands of plastic material from an extruder to a machine that will dice it into pellets. Student Jessica Fischer talks with attendees about a test part made by the college's rotational molder. Sixty-five people, representing 30 plastics companies, made a visit to Penn College’s campus Oct. 22 for an Extrusion Minitec (a mini technical conference). The program was a joint effort of the Society of Plastics Engineers and the college. Penn College students from plastics and polymer technology majors also attended as their schedules allowed, as did faculty from the majors and Plastics Manufacturing Center staff. The event featured eight technical speakers, four laboratory demonstrations, and ended with a reception.

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